Wood-burning Stoves

These guidelines are good only for the people who have a Chinese traditional wood-burning stove in the kitchen at home.
1. The stove must not face the main entrance of the house or a bathroom door.
2. The loading door of a wood-burning stove should not face Feng Shui flying star #5 or #9.
3. The stove loading door should open to the direction of flying star #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #2, or #1.
4. If the stove door faces a refrigerator, it will affect respiration.
5. The residents will often catch a cold if the stove door aims at a bedroomˇ¦s door.
6. The stove must face the same sitting direction of the house. Otherwise, it can create fights and disagreement.
7. The loading door of stove need not to face certain direction, e.g. east or north.
8. If a new wood-burning stove is built, keep in mind that the loading door should not open to the old one. If they do, mother and daughter-in-law will not get along with each other.
9. Do not believe the placement of a wood-burning stove should be arranged based on a personˇ¦s Chinese astrology. The chi flowing is the real matter and can affect the residents.
10. The stove door should not face a kitchen drainage that the water flows away from it