Four Symbolic Animals in Feng Shui

According to the concepts of Feng Shui, the four directions of a house are represented by four symbolic animals which are azure dragon, white tiger, red phoenix, and black tortoise.

1. Azure Dragon: It refers to the area on the left side of a house when you look outside from the front door.

a. The flow of chi and energy are positive and good.

b. General speaking, the architectural features and terrain on this site should be higher than the one on the right side of a house. More movement, a motor or a washing machine, for instance, is preferable to be on this side as it symbolizes a helping hand and good health for the occupants, and the power of the man in a house.

c. If this side is lower than the right, the man of the house will be paid little respect, the children will not do well in school and the male occupants wonˇ¦t be dignified.

2. White Tiger: It refers to the right side of a house when you face out from the main entrance.

a. The flow of chi and energy on the right side are negative. It symbolizes bad and dark side. This area should stay quiet and be lower than the dragon side.

b. If the terrain or any architectural feature, such as a high-rise building, on this side is higher than the one on dragon side, it will bring the residents many problems. The female members will have a bad temper and health problems. The children will be insubordinate and misbehave. In addition, the head of a family is mostly mistreated.

c. A higher structure on the tiger than the dragon side, obstacles and wicked people are more likely to be encountered with. If this happens to a government building, the public servants are not able to do things efficiently and will not have the support from the public. The worst thing is that the government office may receive frequent complaints and lawsuit against them.

d. For a business facility, it is likely to suffer significant financial losses if the tiger side is higher. The sales will be bad and the business relation with buyers and suppliers will not be good either.

e. For an office, a higher tiger side connotes bad cooperation and relationship among the employer, staffs and stockholders. The boss will have a hard time taking control over the office and his authority will not be respected.

3. Red Phoenix: The front area of a house.

4. Black Tortoise: The area at the back of a house.