1. If a new stove is placed behind the old one, it connotes that the elders will not be respected at home.
2. The stove should not face the main entrance of the house or a straight road that leads towards it. If it does, fights and disagreement will occur.
3. Placing the stove right under a roof beam will bring danger.
4. The stove faces a refrigerator will cause the residents often have a cold.
5. If the stove aims at a bathroom door, it will create health problem.
6. A sharp wall corner pointing at the stove can cause backache.
7. A neighbour roof corner pointing at the back of the stove can cause heart problem.
8. Avoid having a door, e.g. balcony door, open to either side of the stove.
9. The location of a stove should not be above a balcony.
10. Do not place a large water jar right in front of or next to the stove.
11. Do not have a septic tank below the stove.
12. Do not locate the stove above a ditch.
13. Avoid placing the stove above a bathroom drain pipe.
14. The stove should not face a toilet or share a same wall with a bathroom.
15. Do not place the stove right behind a toilet.
16. The stove should not face a bedroom door.
17. The stove must not face the Buddha statues placed at the home shrine.
18. The stove should be located in an area where good chi flows.
19. Do not have a window above the stove. The wind can possibly blow out the flame and cause the leakage of carbon monoxide.
20. The stove should not be placed opposite of the sitting direction of the house.
21. The stove facing the same sitting direction of the house symbolizes harmony in the family.
22. Do not keep an old stove at home.
23. It is auspicious to place the stove on the dragon side.
24. Avoid locating the stove on the tiger side.
25. Avoid placing the stove in the center of the house.
26. The stove should be placed parallel or perpendicular to the sitting direction of the house.
27. When placing a stove, convenience is the first thing that should be taken into considerations. Following the above mentioned guidelines to arrange the stove at home can keep you out of problems. Also, remember that a person¡¦s Chinese astrology is definitely nothing to do with the placement.