Buddha Statues

1. Before you place a Buddha statue on an altar table, desk or bookshelf, you should put a piece of red paper, about 18cm in diameter, beneath the statue as a symbol of luck.
2. If a Buddhist scroll is hung on a wall, paste a piece of red paper, about the size of one-dollar coin, on the lotus seat as a symbol of auspiciousness.
3. Placing the Buddha statues inside a safe can cause problems and accidents.
4. The material of Buddha statues is not important. It is the solemn look of the sculpture that matters.
5. If a Buddhist statue is placed in a bedroom, the person who sleeps in there is likely to dream a lot.
6. Keeping too many Buddha statues at home will create doubtfulness.
7. Do not leave any Buddha statues or charms in a dirty area.
8. It is fine to bring your Buddhist charms with you into a bathroom.
9. Any unwanted Buddha statue or painting should be taken to a temple and burned with paper money.
10. If you put a Buddha statue atop the dashboard of a car, the statue must face the front.
11. Do not place any Buddha statues or paintings inside the drawer of an altar table.
12. If you wish to put a small Buddha statue on the altar table, it is better to place the statue on a small plate with a piece of red paper in between.
13. Do not leave any Buddhist sculptures or charms in a bedroom.
14. Do not roll up any Buddha paintings. Or, it can cause headache.
15. It is a disrespectful manner to place a Buddha statue in a safe as a valuable item. It can cause headache and fever.
16. If a Buddha statue or painting is damaged, it will need to be burnt with the paper money under the sunlight at the noon time on the first, third, fifth, seventh or ninth day of a Chinese lunar month.
17. Both Buddhist charms and cross charms have the same spiritual meaning and can bring the followers the blessings.
18. If the eye or finger of a Buddha statue is damaged, it is better to fix it right away. Otherwise, the residents will have the same problem.