Famous paintings, landscape photos, family pictures and calligraphy scrolls can inspire one's spirit and enliven the living environment. However, bear in mind that there are some possible hidden dangers behind certain collections.

1. Tiger
a. Hanging a tiger painting on a wall at home most likely will create accidents or illness. The situation can get worse when the tiger is placed facing inside the house as it implies the tiger is ready to hunt a prey. Ever, it happened to a junior high school principle in Taiwan. Since he hung a tiger picture on the office wall, the teachers started having accidents one after another. Another case happened in a public servant's home. He also had a tiger painting in the house, which caused his family members often had a cold. Eventually, things started to change when a Feng Shui cure was applied.
b. Having a wooden tiger sculpture at home is more likely to cause health problems and accidents.
c. A silk embroidery tiger can also cause problems and make people feel insecure as time goes by.
d. With the strength and great skills of some famous artists, the tiger in their paintings would look so real and fierce. If you happen to own one painting of theirs, be cautious that the misery and troubles it might bring you.
e. If you have tiger artworks in your collection and wish to keep them, use the following remedies to avoid having any problem:
i. Place the tiger facing outside or the main entrance.
ii. Stick a piece of red paper, about the size of one-dollar coin, on the head and tail of the tiger respectively. Do the procedure around noon time and say inside your mind, ¡§Buddha, please guide the ling of the tiger back to where it came from. From now on, this painting is just a piece of artwork¡¨.
iii. For a wood tiger sculpture, it is better to put it under the sunlight for three days. Then, bring it inside and put a red thread around the tiger's neck. The sculpture now is just an art piece for display.
iv. Avoid having your pictures taken with a tiger, no matter it is real or not. If you have a photo like that, please cut the tiger part and burn it. Otherwise, you might have some sickness.

2. Dragons
It can be an azure dragon, a golden dragon or a red dragon. The following how-to placement tips are very important. If you place it improperly, the dragon will be just like a snake, fierce and evil.
a. Dragon is a symbol of luck. In ancient China, the dragon represented as the true nature of human by Taoist and a symbol of the Chinese emperor as well.
b. The dragon should face in towards the house to symbolize the respect. If it faces outside, it means the residents would like to stay out all the time.
c. The dragon should be placed on the left side of the house. If it is on the right side, it can create arguments and problems.
d. The dragon paintings or silk embroideries must be hung on the dragon side of living room or family shrine.
e. The dragon sculptures should be positioned on the left side of living room or family shrine.
f. The dragon paintings should not be rolled up and stored somewhere.
g. Do not place dragon sculptures in storage.
h. Stick a piece of red paper, about the size of one-dollar coin, on the head and tail of the dragon respectively. The best time to do so is between 7am to 9am on the third, sixth or ninth day of Chinese lunar month.

3. Eagles
a. An eagle painting should be placed with its face looking outside the house.
b. Do not put any eagle pictures or paintings inside the family shrine.
c. Hanging an eagle artwork in the bedroom can cause fights and disagreement.
d. Avoid having an eagle picture right above the desk in a study room.
e. Place the eagle paintings on the right side of living room with the face looking outside.
f. Discarding an old eagle painting on the floor anywhere in the house can cause the children insubordinate. It is better to roll it up. Then, tie it up with a red cotton thread and put in storage.