Bedroom for Newlywed Couple

Love brings two people together to form a sweet home. However, sometimes things do not turn out as what they expect. Fights and arguments begin to trigger the couple's relationship. It is very common to see people point a finger at each other instead of looking into their heart to see if they are the cause. Sadly, very few people would realize the arrangement of their bedroom can dearly affect their health and marriage. Make the things right and treasure the life with our loved ones.

1. The bedroom for a newlywed couple must be bright and well-lit. A dim room tend to make the couple feel down.
2. Keep the room well ventilated to prevent the smell of new furniture, paint and interior decoration from affecting breathing and mind as well.
3. Avoid choosing pink as the main color for the furniture, curtains and walls in the room. The color pink can cause the feeling of insecurity and agitation. As time passes, the couple will start being impatient with one another and often fight.
4. A room painted in dark colors, such as dark blue, dark green, deep red or dark brown will likely to cause the couple feeling gloomy all the time.
5. If the floor is seen in black, scarlet, bright red, or pink, it can create bad temper and fights.
6. The chance of having a baby girl is greater if the floor, comforter set and the curtain are all in pink.
7. The right side of a bed should not be against or too close to a wall. If it does, it will tense the relation.
8. A bathroom door opens directly to the bed can cause health problems.
9. If the wife has a bathroom door aiming at her when she sleeps, she will encounter some health problem, like chest pain or abdominal problem.
10. Placing a television in front of the bed may create mental distraction.
11. Avoid placing a big mirror in front of or on either side of the bed. If it does, arguments will often occur between the couple.
12. Do not put a stereo on the headboard of the bed because the sound can affect the mind.
13. Hanging a large wedding picture above the bed may cause pressures and nightmares.
14. Avoid having the corner of a desk, dressing table, end table, or chest of drawers point at the couple's head when they sleep. Or else, headache will soon become the problem.
15. Having a bathroom door aim at the couple's legs will create leg pains and soreness.
16. A mirror should not be located facing the entrance of bedroom as it can set off fights.
17. The ceiling design should be simple. A weird shaped or multi-coloured ceiling will cause health problems.
18. Do not paint the ceiling in bright red or dark blue.
19. The best placement of a bed is to put the left side of the bed against or close to a wall.
20. Do not place the bed under a roof beam. Anyhow, it is all right if the beam is covered.
21. Do not put the bed against a sliding glass door because strong sunlight may make the couple feel uneasy.
22. The less scrolls and pictures in the room the better.
23. Placing a stereo on the right side of a bed can bring out arguments.
24. If the bedroom door opens to the head of the bed, the couple will be likely to have headache and be in a state of uneasiness.