Feng Shui Cures and Blessings for Yang House

 The following ˇ§Feng Shui Cures and Blessings for Yang Houseˇ¨ were given by Bodhisattva Wang Chan Lao Zu to Grand Master Huen Yuan. The concepts are based on the interaction between still water and chi flow to balance oneˇ¦s living environment. Through the application, people are able to minimize the adversity resulted from the misplacement in their living surroundings. Hence, a life with well-beings and harmony can be achieved.

1. When to Apply
a. Any family member who is sick for long or involved in a series of accidents.
b. A straight narrow street or a neighbour single wall aims directly to the house. The right side of the house is higher or has some disturbing movement, e.g., a high-rise building, machines or a parking lot. A house faces an outward curving street.
c. The surroundings are high-rise buildings that disturb the energy flow in the house.
d. There is more than one of the straight streets or alleys leading to the house.
e. The house layout is misarranged.

2. What to Do
a. Use a compass to find out the sitting direction of the house.
b. The sitting direction of a house is determined when the person stands at the front door of the house facing out.
c. Divide the house into nine equal areas, called nine palaces.
d. Prepare two buckets of water and place each at the two areas where the overlapping lines are. By doing so, sha will be driven away.
e. To disperse the negative forces, the two buckets of water have to be still water and placed at the two areas at the same time.
f. Other than buckets, jars and containers can also be used here as a décor in a room.

3. Notes
a. If you have a fish tank at home, it is better to place it on the dragon side. Although the water in the tank moves all the time, it does not have any impact on the still water in the buckets at all.
b. It will be more effective if the two buckets of still water are placed on the floor.
c. The above-mentioned cures can be applied at any time, any year and any direction to disperse sha. Hence, a balanced and harmonious living environment will be achieved.