The Study of Yang House Feng Shui Concept

The fate of each human being is predetermined before the person is born. Good or bad is all about the effect from the actions done in past lives. It seems that there is no way that we can escape from that. Although Mother Nature can overcome humans, people deeply believe that humans also have the power to overcome Mother Nature in certain way. There are many methods that enable us to avoid having the problems. To cultivate merits and blessings, through self-cultivation and helping others, is one the ways that every one of us should do in our precious life. However, the Feng Shui cures are commonly used among people on the yang house, the residence of the living, to enhance harmony and well-being.

Based on all the years of the Feng Shui consultations, Grand Master Huen Yuan knows that the Yang house Fang Shui and a person's Chinese astrology have certain influence on one another. If the house is not auspicious but the resident has good Chinese astrology, his luck will be different each year as long as he lives there. On the contrary, if a person does not have good Chinese astrology but lives in an auspicious house, he will be fine in his life.

A house layout and the placement of objects inside a house, such as a front door, bed, stove, Buddha statue, ancestral tablet, office desk, fish tank, refrigerator, and bathroom, can affect the residents on the achievement of balance and harmony of their living environment. The impact is great and cannot be ignored.

Let us take a television as an example. The main entrance of a house is like a television antenna and the other objects, including the residents, are the parts in the set. If all the parts are properly placed at where they should be, but the antenna does not aim at the right direction, the signal received will not be good. If vice versa, the signal will be still bad.

The Feng Shui of yang house and yin house, the grave of the deceased ancestors, is able to determine the chi flow in the living environment and affect the residents in many ways, such as health, fortune and well being. The influence is very crucial that a person's Chinese astrology, even it is good, can hardly change it.

Unlike East/West Si Ming theory, which indicates the bed arrangement and house sitting/facing direction should be determined by a person's trigram, the location should always be the first thing to be taken into consideration for building a house. With the application of Feng Shui principles listed on the web pages on house layout and objects position, a harmonious living environment can be achieved by anyone of us, regardless the person's trigram. In other words, it really does not matter what brand the television is, it will always receive a clear signal as long as it has all the components properly assembled inside.

1. Front Door
 The front door is the most essential part of a house that is used by the residents

    every day for the entrance and exit. It is like a human mouth and throat that has to

    be taken good care of to avoid any problem. If we do not start to deal with the  

    problem, it will be too late once the situation gets worse. Bear in mind that the main

    entrance should be clean and bright. There should not be a neighbor roof corner,

    hipped pagoda roof or straight street leading to the main door.


2. Light
a. The living room should be well-lit and bright. A gloomy room represents stagnant chi flow that can cause arguments, problems and sickness.
b. A dark bedroom means poor air-circulation in the room. It can affect one's mood and health. If a child's room is like that, this kid will not do well in school and will often talk back.
c. The light in the family shrine should be soft and cozy. Avoid having strong sunlight shine at the room.


3. Family Shrine 
a. Do not locate the family shrine at the top floor of the house because of the heat and strong wind. If it does, the man of the house will be likely to encounter many obstacles at work. In addition, the Buddha statues will crack easily.

b. In general, people would like to place the family shrine at the top floor to provide Buddhas a good view. It is not correct. Buddhas and deities can come and go without time and space limit. It is really not necessary to do so. However, as long as it is a place with good chi flow and does not face a stream or ditch that flows away from it, the residents can achieve a safe living environment.

c. A living room or study room where the residents always hang out in there will be the best place for locating the shrine. Every family member may worship to Buddha and ancestors at any time and attain the blessings. Therefore, unity of the residents will be stronger.


4. Children's bedroom
a. Avoid using a bunk bed in the room. Although more space is there for the    

    children, its design can create pressure and cause the children feel gloomy.
 b. The room should be bright and well-lit. If the children sit with their back to the 

    bedroom door or if either side of the desk faces the door, the children will feel 

    agitated to sit there and study.
 c. Do not post any pictures of robots, animals or monsters on the wall


5. Living Room
 a. It is the central area in a house and should be bright.
 b. Living room is the wealth area that its size has to be proportionate to a house. Too

    small or too big of the size symbolizes unstable finance.
 c. Avoid having a weird-shaped ceiling.
 d. The ceiling should not be painted in red or any dark color.
 e. The flooring should not be in dark color.


6. Stove 
a. Avoid locating the stove above a septic tank.
 b. There should not be a drainpipe underneath the stove.
 c. Do not have a door open to the back or either side of the stove.
 d. A door opens directly to the front of the stove can cause illness.
 e. It should sit the same sitting direction of the house.
 f. Either side of the stove facing outdoor can cause arguments and financial loss.
 g. It should be placed against a wall.
 h. An overhead roof beam is not suggested.
 i. Do not place it under a water tank.
 j. A well located behind it can cause financial loss.
 k. It should not face a big street.
 l. There should not a big street behind it.
 m. It should not face a stairway.
 n. Do not position it against a bathroom wall.
 o. There should not be a heater above the stove.
 p. Do not place it aiming at a bathroom door.
 q. Avoid locating the stove at a place where the wind can easily blow out the gas

    and cause danger.


7. Fish Tank 
a. The water in the fish tank carries negative charge. If its location is right, it can

    create harmony.
 b. The water can disperse the negative chi resulted from a straight street aiming

    towards the main entrance.
 c. If an aquarium is put at a wrong place, it can cause the loss in finance and of a

    family member.


8. How to Choose a House8. The How-to for Choosing a House
a. A sole high-rise building, excluding a square shaped building, in the whole

    neighborhood is not good.
 b. Locating in a windward area can create lots of problems.
 c. A cozy place with good chi flow denotes wealth and power.
 d. A house that is surrounded by taller buildings means the residents will not be able

    to do things right.
 e. Higher buildings on both the left and right side of the house means the man of the

    house will not be respected at home.
f. If a house is built atop a mountain, the residents will have hard time to hold on to

    their fortune. This location is good only for a spiritual site, e.g. a temple.
 g. The house should not face a mountain at a short distance and be back to a steep

    downhill, which is wildly open and unprotected. If it happens that way, the residents

    will be likely not having a bright future.
 h. It is bad to have an old tree at the backyard or tall trees at either side of the house.
 i. More tall trees in the yards, more negative chi will be created.
 j. A long rectangular shape of house which is perpendicular to a street is bad. It

    shapes like a coffin and symbolizes jeopardy.
k. Having a pond at the back or front of the house does not mean the house is good

    to live.
 l. A factory located at the right side of the house is considered bad Feng Shui for the

 m. The front door should not be aligned with the back door, especial there is another

    door or more in alignment with them in between. It is considered very bad Feng



9. Water Tank and Stairway
a. Avoid placing the water tank and stairway on the right side of the house.
 b. Instead, they should be located at the left side of the house, as a symbol of 

    harmony and safety.