Colors, the essential shades for decoration scheme, play a key role in our life. Understanding the influences and emotional impact of the colors is a must before we apply them to liven up chi and promote harmony and balance in our living environment. However, bad choice of color is not only a waste of money and time, but can cause depression, fight, inefficient work, crazy thoughts or a broken marriage.
Avoid painting a room in a variety of colors. Remember, when it comes to a choice, think about it and choose wisely.

1. Dark Blue
Painting a house all in dark blue, as time goes by, will make the residents feel gloomy and insecure.

2. Purple
The color purple may make you feel cozy and relaxed. However, because purple is mainly derived from red, seeing too much purple at home will create irritation and jumpiness.

3. Pink
For many people, pink represents love and romance and is often chosen as the main color in a bedroom. In fact, it is the most inauspicious color for any room in a house. Too much of color pink can cause arguments, fight, mental illness or a broken marriage.

4. Green
Unlike the natural green color of trees and plants that can benefit our eyesight, this artificial color may cause the residents inactive.

5. Red
The symbolic meaning of the color red differs from culture to culture. While red is traditionally an auspicious color for the Chinese, it is a color that the Koreans use in a funeral at home. Unlike temples, the color red should not be used as the main color of paint for a house. Too much red can create violence and impatience.

6. Ivory, Cream and White
These are the best visual colors for a home. Just like the sunlight, the color of white implies hope and the bright side of the beings. It is highly recommended to use the above-mentioned shades of white for painting a house.

7. Yellow
Too much of the shades of yellow in a house will cause fear and uneasiness. The residents are more likely to create delusion. It is not recommended to paint the room yellow for a mental illness patient.

8. Orange
Although orange is a warm and energetic color, having too much of the color in a room can cause impatience.

9. Wood Color
Original wood color is the best shade for a home. It can create inspiration and wisdom. It is better to choose wood color furniture for a study room.