Nowadays, people are interested in collecting antiques, paintings, calligraphic scrolls and sculptures to inspire their spiritual life. Nevertheless, many of them only notice the value of their collection and ignore the true meaning behind each work.

1. The placement of each art piece in a living room should be done from a decorative point of view. However, some people stuff the room with many valuable artworks to show others their social status and wealth, and do not realize that their minds are totally absorbed by the lifeless forms.

2. Be aware of the background of the artworks you intend to collect. If it happens to be a stolen item from the dead, the collector might get into some troubles.

3. The best collections are those that bring tranquility and great meaning of Zen. Hence, they can enlighten one's Buddha-nature.

4. If you wish to collect human figure artworks, avoid having skulls, bones or similar items. They might be possessed by an evil spirit and cause mental problem.

5. Do not place any valuable artworks at an obvious place in the house. Otherwise, the owner will be always in a state of anxiety and uneasiness that they might get stolen.

6. If you collect Buddha statues, you should be aware that almost every antique piece was once worshiped by others and has history background. They might be the stolen items as well. As so, they can put you in a danger situation.

7. If the artwork is a tiger, lion, leopard, snake or bird, you should leave it outside under the sun for three days. Around the noon time on the third day, wrap it with a piece of red paper or red cloth and bring it inside the house. By doing so, it can avoid creating problems, such as sickness, arguments, fights, and accidents.

8. If your collection is a sword, check if it carries sha. To repel negative force, bring the sword outside around noontime in a sunny day. Face north and take the sword out of the sheath, saying, ˇ§let the sword out of its sheath, here comes the positive chi, there goes the evil spirit, keeps the family safe, A Mi Tuo Fo.ˇ¨ Then, put the sword back into its sheath. It is fine now to place it anywhere inside the house.

9. The dragon is a symbol of luck and human true nature as well. However, to make sure the work piece you collect does not carry sha, you are suggested to use the eye-dotting method to disperse the negative energy. On the first or fifteenth day of Chinese lunar month, between 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning, use a Chinese brush and dip the tip in cinnabar ink. Then, place the dragon facing east and say, ˇ§Sincerely welcome the lings of the Western Jien Dragon and the Eastern Qing Dragon. First dot on the eyes, second dot on the heart and third dot on the dragon body to bring the dragon back to life.ˇ¨ It is fine to place the dragon in the house after.