Bedroom                                  see layout

1. The best location for a bedroom is at the quiet and well-ventilated area.
2. Do not paint the room in pink as the color will cause nerve breakdown and arguments 
between a couple.
3. The bedroom should be bright and well lit to bring happiness to the occupants. 
4. The air should be well circulated in the room to create a healthy environment. 
5. Avoid painting the room in a variety of colors.
6. Hanging a wind chime on the window will cause dizziness to the female occupants.
7. The color of the floor should be in light color.
8. Avoid having a piece of rug or a carpet in the bedroom. The rug and carpet are easy to retain humidity in the room and may undermine the windpipe. 
9. The bed should not face the in-suite bathroom.
10.The bedroom should not be located down from any wall of the house.
11.The door should not face a stove in the kitchen.
12.The door should not face the door of a washroom
13.It's inauspicious if the door aims at a refrigerator, especially if it is directly opposite the fridge's door.
14.The door should not face the statues of Buddha. 
15.Avoid having a slanted wall aimed at the entrance.
16.A water heater should not face the bedroom's door.
17.Avoid having a bedroom right under a washroom.
18.The bedroom should not be placed either above or under a stove in the 
19.Avoid siting a pond above the bedroom.
20.The rockwork for a garden should not be placed above the bedroom directly.
21.Do not color the ceiling in the bedroom in bright red, bright purple, orange or 
any dark color. 
22.Do not use any wallpaper with round circle patterns as the shapes will cause dizziness.
23.The ceiling of a bedroom should not be designed like a coffin's shape.
24.A sharp corner/corners of  neighbor's roof aiming at the bedroom can cause 
miscarriage and uneasy mood.
25.A corner of  neighbor's roof face the bedroom can trigger off argument between the 
26.Avoid having a slanted wall of  neighbor's  pointed at the bedroom.
27.Do not place an aquarium in the bedroom.
28.Avoid hanging a mirror inside the room opposite the entrance  as this layout will create gossip and problems.