Bedroom Arrangement

Nowadays, many people still believe that the placement of the bed should be done based on a person's Chinese astrology. Hence, quarrels, arguments and even broken marriage are commonly seen among those people. The following guidelines simply tell us what we should do and should not do for the bed arrangement. Keep in mind, Feng Shui is the concepts that enable us to create harmony and balance in our living environment along with Mother Nature.
1. Beds should not be placed above a septic tank.
2. Do not place a bed right under a roof beam. However, it is fine if the beam is covered.
3. The bedroom door should not open directly towards a bed.
4. Avoid having a bathroom door face a bed.
5. A kitchen stove should not aim at the foot of the bed.
6. Do not place a bed right in front of an air conditioner to prevent catching a cold.
7. Avoid installing an air conditioner on the right side of the bed.
8. Do not place a big mirror right in front or on either side of the bed.
9. Avoid having the corner of a desk or a wardrobe aim at the head of the bed as it can cause headache.
10. Avoid sleeping under a roof beam.
11. Placing a stereo or television at the headboard of the bed can affect one's mind.
12. Do not place a bed right under an upstairs stove or above a downstairs stove.
13. The bed should not share a same wall with a bathroom.
14. Do not place a bed right behind a stove.
15. A bed should not be against the same wall as the bedroom door.
16. The right side of a bed should not touch a wall.
17. Do not place a bed too close to a sliding glass door that leads to outside.
18. Do not place the bed above a downstairs toilet.
19. The ceiling above the bed should be bright and simple in design.
20. Do not hang any weirdly shaped overhead light, such as the one used in operation room, above the bed.
21. The space under a bed should be clean and free of clutter.
22. The head of the bed must not lean on a wall with a road on the other side.
23. The head of the bed must not be against a bathroom wall.
24. The head of the bed must not right behind a toilet or a sink in the bathroom.
25. A landscape painting should not be placed above the bed.
26. Do not place a dark-colored painting either above or in front of the bed.
27. The bed must not face a kitchen stove.