1. A bathroom and a septic tank are two different things.
2. In ancient time, a toilet did not have proper ventilation; hence, it was not suggested to locate it at a place where was on the windward side.
3. The modern bathroom is much cleaner and has good ventilation. Therefore, there is not much restriction for the placement.
4. There is no need to locate a bathroom toilet at certain direction.
5. If a bathroom door opens directly to the main entrance of a house, arguments and disagreements will occur.
6. The bathroom door should not face a stove. Otherwise, the housewife will feel irritated.
7. If the bathroom door faces a bedroom door, the sleeper will have health problem.
8. A bathroom door opens to a bed will cause backache.
9. Do not have the door face a desk. Or else, the person who sits there will often feel jumpy.
10. If the door opens to Buddha statues or an ancestral tablet, the residents will encounter many problems.
11. It is all right if the door located upstairs faces a hallway.
12. A bathroom door opening to a home safe implies financial losses.
13. It is better to locate the bathroom on the tiger side of the house.
14. The Buddha statues in the family shrine should not be placed against a wall shared with a bathroom, especially a toilet is right behind the statues.
15. The toilet should not face a stove, regardless the distance is in between.