1. Keep the backyard clean and tidy all the time, which can enhance the wisdom of the children.
2. Do not place a septic tank on the left side of the backyard.
3. Avoid having a septic tank in the center of the yard.
4. It is better to place the cesspit on the right side.
5. Do not have a pond on the right side.
6. Do not have a pond in the center.
7. A pond might be located on the left side only when this site is auspicious.
8. Avoid leaving any stoneware, stone mortar, stone mill, brick or junk in the yard.
9. A water tank should be on the left side.
10. Neither a water tank nor a cistern should be placed in the center.
11. Do not have a water heater in the center.
12. Do not place a motor pump in the center.
13. Avoid positioning a water heater on the right side.
14. A pump should be located on the left side.
15. Do no place any machine or o motor pumps either on the right side or in the center.
16. A well should only be sited on the left area.
17. Avoid placing a washing machine on the right side or in the center.
18. There should not be any narrow passageway or fire lane leading to the backyard because the straight path can cause backache.
19. A neighboring wall aiming at the backyard can cause backache.
20. Too many of the flowers, fruit trees or vegetables planting in the yard can produce humility and negative forces.
21. Avoiding having a big tree in this area as the tree can block sunlight and cause danger.
22. Do not cultivate any plant with thorns in this area.
23. If any domestic fowls and animal are kept here, do keep the yard clean for a safe environment.
24. Avoid building an extremely high fence around the backyard.
25. The auspicious height of a fence should be about 167cm.
26. If the backyard is more than 30cm higher than the house ground level, the residents will suffer financial losses.
27. The backyard should not be more than 30cm lower than the house ground floor.
28. The outflow drainpipe must not be in the center.
29. The concrete slabs and slate stone in the backyard garden should be placed parallel to the house.
30. Keep the air well circulated here to create a better living environment.