Do you have any idea where the antiques you have at home came from? Were they stolen? I would like to remind you who collect antique Buddha statues to be careful what you got because the statues might be harmful and bring you the problems. Also, I strongly suggest those people who steal items should watch out because the gods are watching them.

1. Antiques symbolize past events that will not repeat themselves again. My advice for antique collectors is that it is better to devote one to self-cultivation. The wisdom you attain is eternal and priceless that none of antiques can beat.
2. The value of the antiques does not represent your rank and wealth at all. Instead, you simply build yourself a trap and put yourself in a state of insecurity.
3. Many antiques are possibly possessed by some spirits. It is because they might be the stolen items or found in ancient graveyards.
4. The antique spirit may cause health problem. It has ever happened to an antique collector, Mr. Lin. He was sick for long and did not know what to do. One day, he was told by a Buddha through a medium that the spirit from his collection caused the sickness. After applying a cure to dispel the spirit, he was finally able to rid himself of the illness.
5. Be careful of what you collect, especially Buddha statues. It is really not worth to put yourself in danger for that.
6. Some collectors will feel insecure and miserable all day long over the antiques simply because they fear the items will be stolen some day. What a pathetic human soul.
7. The true meaning of an antique is to bring back the memory of the great culture and history of the past to the people. However, do not let the past and greed distract you. Instead, you should precious every moment you have to pursue a happy, fearless and tranquil life from the learning of the concept of Feng Shui and the Buddhist spirit. Help others with what you own, the knowledge and the money, is the real thing that will be remembered by the people you help in the future.
8. Each antique has a story and great meaning behind it. Use it as a motto to guide you and remind you.
9. For your own safety, suggest you to dip a new Chinese brush in red cinnabar ink and make a dot on an area of the collection. Then, place each on a piece of red nylon cloth or red paper.
10. Each time you bring home an antique, put a piece of red paper underneath and leave it outside on a table under the direct sunlight for at least 24 hours or three days. Let the sun shines on the item and let nature to purify and cleanse it.

My advice to you who live in a luxurious life is to use your fortune wisely. Rather spend a great amount of money on the antiques, it will be better to donate part of it to the charity and help the poor. Thus, your kind heart will be recognized and appreciated.